The Most Visited Museums in Amsterdam City in 2017

Van Gogh Museum Tour
Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum received up to 2,260,000 visitors in 2017, which makes it the most visited museum not only in Amsterdam but also in the Netherlands. Rijksmuseum closely follows suit in terms of the number of visitors last year, whereas tourist attractions such the windmills at Zaanse Schands also entertained growing number of visitors from across the world. However, Van Gogh museum has taken away the spotlight when it comes to public outreach.

“This milestone shows that Van Gogh still inspires an uncountable number of people from the whole world. That is fantastic,” said the museum director Axel Rüger. Van Gogh museum played hosts to exhibits such as ‘Prints in Paris 1900’, and ‘Dutch in Paris 1789-1914’ last year. Such temporary exhibits displayed on private Van Gogh museum tour have led to many people peering into the museum. Moreover, the curators of Van Gogh museum also took digital initiatives such as ‘Sunflowers Live’ to attract more visitors.

The foremost museum in Amsterdam, based on visitor count, presented 5 masterful paintings of sunflower by Vincent Van Gogh on Facebook Live in 2017. It also collaborated with London’s National Gallery, Munich’s Neue Pinakothek, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art, for the social media initiative.

The runner up, Rijksmuseum also entertained over 2 million visitors in 2017 courtesy the highlights in the museum, which is the Dutch masterpiece paintings. However, an exhibit in Rijksmuseum gardens, which was devoted to French artist Jean Dubuffet, seemed to have encouraged the peering visitor count last year. The namesake exhibit displayed Dubuffet’s ‘Group of Four Trees’ among other works in the backyard of the museum. The occasion echoed an open-air carnival when it arrived in Museumplein during October. Rijksmuseum Gardens borders the IAmsterdam letters, which is a tourist attraction on its own especially for photo enthusiasts.

Rijksmuseum also reached 10 million visitors in 2017 – four years post its reopening in 2013 in Museumplein square. The milestone man Stefan Kasper, a native of Haarlem, received a grand welcome from the museum director Taco Dibbits. Kasper got a chance to spend a whole night in the Night Watch Gallery devoted to Rembrandt and also got room service at Rijksmuseum. After all, certain kinds of milestone should be recognized especially if you are an art lover.