Top 3 Sports Venues in Amsterdam

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It is true that sports might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Dutch Capital. However, Amsterdam is an active and sporty city, and it hosts a wide variety of international and local sports events throughout the year. So, if you are a person who loves sports, then you will instantly fall in love with the Dutch capital.

Tourists who are on their first Amsterdam tours will be a little surprised to see the impressive stadiums, multifunctional sports facilities, and sports cafes and pubs in the city. It is crucial to note that Amsterdam is a city that loves sports. So, if you wish to explore the Dutch capital to its fullest, you should visit some of the most popular sports venues in the city.

Unfortunately, several people who are visiting Amsterdam for the first time in their life have no clear idea on what the must-visit sports venues in the city are. If you are one among them, below are three of the best and finest sports venues in Amsterdam that will make your Amsterdam tour a lot more fun and exciting.

The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium, which is located in the Zuid district, is undoubtedly the famous stadium in the city. The authorities thoroughly renovate the stadium to ensure that it meets modern standards and expectations of visitors. Several tourists who visit the Olympic Stadium are not aware of the fact that this venue is used not just for sports events but also for commemorations and feasts. This iconic stadium is capable of holding approximately 22,000 at a time.

Amsterdam Arena

The Amsterdam Arena, which is home to the famous football club Ajax, is located near the historic centre of Amsterdam. One of the fascinating facts about this sports venue is that it is first football stadium in Europe with a moveable roof. The Amsterdam Arena is used mainly for sports events but it also often holds parties and music concerts.

Ziggo Dome

If you are planning to visit the Amsterdam Arena during your Amsterdam tour, you should try to find time to visit the Ziggo Dome, which is located very near to the Amsterdam Arena. This state-of-the-art indoor facility is used for huge music concerts and for a wide range of sporting events. This stadium can hold about 15,000 individuals.